High Density Filing and Shelving. Proven Quality, Time-Tested Products

SANTEX Solutions is your representative for various filing and shelving equipment systems. We provide a five-year parts / two-year labor warranty on all new and pre-owned shelving equipment. SANTEX Solutions will also move all existing files and serve as your all-inclusive Space Solutions Manager.


Trust that your shelving is done right.

Our shelving units are great for any type of storage. Whether you're looking to organize small items such as files, or larger items like auto parts, Santex has the solution for you. Turn your current storage dilemma into an organized and efficient solution.



Document retention and files are still part of our world. L&T shelving is the optimal way to continue to keep paper files in working order. Santex can design layouts for any size file room to maximize storage and minimize space.



Widespan can be used to store everything from auto parts to canned goods. These heavy-duty style units can be designed to hold any size object and provide limitless applications for storage. With many different sizes and hundreds of pounds of capacity per level, these durable units can take a beating and create flexibility as your storage items change.

IM shelving PIC.jpg

Industrial Metal Shelving

Industrial metal shelving is another option to create flexible, heavy duty storage for any type of material. These units are perfect for parts storage, box storage and shop use. Industrial metal shelving comes in an array of different sizes, heights and weight capacities. IM units are a perfect application for a ground storage area to creating a mezzanine system. 


Pre-owned Shelving

Santex is not limited to only offering new products. Our pre-owned equipment is warrantied like new equipment and in excellent condition. Santex can provide pre-owned shelving and mobile system options that can save 40% to 50% on cost while answering all your storage issues.