In an ever-changing business world, concerns for cost and efficiency remain a constant for successful companies. 

Addressing optimal usage of floor space, keeping real estate costs under control and storage organization can be tackled through various shelving options. Maximizing storage space with high density mobile systems, Bi-File systems or stationary shelving configurations are keys to streamlining any business.



mobile systems 

Mobile systems are the best option to maximize the smallest amount of space with the most storage capacity. If it fits on a shelf it can be designed to fit on a mobile system. Let us show this option for your storage needs.

Bi-File systems 

When a mobile system is too big and stationary shelving won’t meet your media storage needs, Bi-Files are a great option for odd shaped rooms or areas with limited space. These units can be built to fit almost any room configuration and eliminate wasting square footage.

stationary shelving 

From warehouse storage to sterile environment supplies for hospitals we can provide the stationary shelving options to fit every aspect of your business. Stationary shelving will eliminate the headaches of understanding what units you need to better organize your business.


With over 17 years of experience, Santex brings the tools needed to get the job done right.

Having systems designed to meet the specific specifications of your business and understanding how various storage systems work to your company’s advantage are the goals of Santex Solutions.