Santex offers storage solutions that fit your custom needs and provide expert installation to complete the project.


Santex Solutions is a Houston based company serving the Southwest region of the United States. Since the company’s inception in 2001 Santex has been committed to providing the most cost-effective storage solutions through new and pre-owned equipment.

Our goal is to provide the best options through the latest design techniques, detailed information on how all storage systems will be implemented and expert installation. Creating a storage environment based on efficiency and safety will increase workflow productivity and eliminate down time due to storage disorganization. Organizing inventory and information will increase productivity, improve employee accuracy, and reduce errors.

Who We Work With

Santex Solutions works with architects, interior designers, general contractors, government agencies, education institutions, healthcare facilities, museums, libraries, military installation, manufacturing, automotive, and industrial warehouses. We provide not only the best options for storage solutions, but all the information needed concerning weight loads, dimensions, how our products meet building codes and design schematics to help with the overall completion of a construction project.     

I have worked with Santex since 2011 and have never been disappointed in their quality of work. Our moving shelving design couldn’t have turned out better. We use them exclusively for any moving needs for years and will continue to do so.
— Lola Beaty | Texas Crude Energy
“Santex Solutions has designed, installed and reconfigured our filing systems and shelving needs for over 15 years. From moving our systems from one building to another to handling the smallest of tasks Santex has never let us down when we need them”.
— Andrew Hemley | Thompson & Knight LLP
Santex Solutions has been our go-to company for all of our heavy duty and light duty racking systems for the past 5 years. Customer service and response from Santex Solutions is second to none.
— Chris Crowell | TEAM® Industrial Equipment Manager
Santex Solutions has been our go-to company for building out and moving all of our file rooms for a decade. We can always rely on them to be accurate and efficient. They always go above and beyond for us to answer all of our questions and have our needs met.
— Erica Casias | Wildhorse Resources